Phantasmacore is currently seeking quality stories and poetry, in any genre as long as the story contains some element of science fiction, the fantastic, or the unexplained.

FICTION – 1000 to 5000 words, longer considered if serialized well. Make sure you write ‘FICTION’ at the start of the subject line in your email. Send the complete story. I prefer that you not send fiction in the body of the email, but as an attachment.

FLASH – Flash fiction (fiction of less than 1000 words) will be run as a regular feature in Phantasmacore.  Make sure you write ‘FLASH’ at the start of the subject line in your email.

POETRY – Write ‘POETRY’ at the beginning of the subject line in your email and send your best work.

NON-FICTION – Works of non-ficiton and criticism may also be submitted. They have the same thematic requirements as the fiction, and should be relatively short.

My response times will vary, so simultaneous submissions are OK.

Reprints are fine as long as the piece isn’t currently on display anywhere else and out of print. There seems to be some confusion about this so let me be clear –

I will accept a story that has been previously published if and only if it is not displayed on another website, and it is not in a magazine or book that is currently being produced. Basically if it is anywhere except a used book or a file that is no longer for download anywhere in the world then I don’t want it. Don’t send it, I am not interested.

Please let me know if your story has been accepted somewhere else, as much as I enjoy some stories, I have a lot of them to read. Thanks!

I’d really prefer it if you didn’t send acrobat .pdf files. I don’t like reading them and someone sent me an infected .pdf file so I now have a phobia. Thanks!

Rights and Payment – The only thing that amazes me more than all the webzines asking for perpetual rights, are all the writers who go for it. I ask for exclusive electronic rights for a period of one year from the time the work is displayed on the site, after which I will either take the content down or will remove it on request from the author.

Fiction  pays five dollars and fifty five cents, payed via PAYPAL. Don’t spend it all in one place. For poetry, flash, or anything else, payment is one dollar, or possibly a single (1) beer if it’s been a good month.


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