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Have You Seen Her?

Friday, September 5th, 2014

by Karen Pullen

I remember every detail of that last morning. I’d fixed pancakes and bacon for the three of us. Our seven-year-old, Connor, rocked in his squeaky chair, humming, lost in his crazy-boy thoughts. When sunlight struck a crystal hanging in the window, scattering rainbow flickers around the kitchen, he reached out his hands to catch the flying jewels.… Keep reading...

The Creator of Tongues

Friday, September 5th, 2014

by Kristine Ong Muslim

Death Wish Billy

His legs were cut short.
His stride, insignificant.
He would never reach
the end of this tunnel.
He would have disguised
himself as an orphan, a child.
He would knock on our doors
if only he had learned to curl
his claws into fists.… Keep reading...


Friday, September 5th, 2014

by Chelsea Eckert

The redshirts had started going through Uncle Fulton’s boxes. Not gently and with love, like a man with his wife’s antiques, or like Holly might have. They had found Fulton’s maps and grasped and pulled at them and were hollering about Rhodesia!Keep reading...

The Bright and Morning Star1

Friday, September 5th, 2014

by Alicia Cole

After the painting “Beloved” by Ray Caesar

15 Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers
and the immoral persons and the murderers
and the idolaters, and everyone who loves
and practices lying.

Tentacled wonder
from the depths of the hydran field.… Keep reading...

Spring After Rain

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

by Tantra Bensko

The lit-up boy came crying down the stairs covered in footsteps ringing through night-gardens. Only in that moment could we change who we were, and who we ever would be. Evaporation misted toward the stars.

The lanterns fizzled out.… Keep reading...

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