April 2012

New Phantasma…

Lot by Ben Godby

One day, a peasant, a warrior, a merchant and a priest appeared before the Angel of Death. “Tell me about yourselves,” said the Angel.

The Comeback by Nick Tramdack

I will say it again, Jaquel. Burn this letter now before you read another word.

Moonman by Kristine Ong Muslim

Following the direction of Billy’s frightened gaze, I saw it: a white face with what looked like holes lurking sparsely on its surface.

Biodyssey by S. Decoteaux Bates

A wave rises beneath you, lifting the boat. You embark on the eve of the spring equinox.

Lalla Rooke by John Gerald Fagan

The Americans, the Chinese and the Russians had plans of their own, but the Tasmanians were the first to act and sent Tex up in a tiny space shuttle three months ahead of schedule.

Border Patrol by Rachel Ayers

Adam and María had twelve hours together after dropping the skiff into orbit.

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