March 2012

New Phantasma…

Ten Tumors by Gregg Winkler

The children’s cries bounced around the house, then, before long they were running through the front room again, screaming and wailing. Sandia laughed with them, holding up her hands at them, “Please, children, you’re going to wake the — ”

But it was too late.

A Family Tale by Ryan Rubai

When we were eight, we overheard our mother and father talking about us, in the kitchen. Gregory, we need to get rid of them, mother said.

Dearest Son by Graeme Penman

First and foremost, always wear your hat.

Dad by Jonathan Bird

His disapproving sneer simply lit up the room and made every occasion just what it should be.

The Burden of Gender by Abha Iyengar

But the scourge had changed her, too. She did not bear only one child as her mother had done. The next birth had been of twins, then of quadruplets, then eight kids. Each successive time, the number of babies conceived doubled. Each successive time, the babies were male, no girls were born.

And one more story, Winter Baby by Anna Caro

It was on one of these nights, when Jasleen was asleep with my arm loosely round her shoulders, that I saw the ghosts in summer for the first time.

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