March 2011

New Phantasma…

And, the Bride Wore Ashes  by Cate Gardner

Maud found the snow globe on the floor of the hotel foyer. Ash cascaded over the bride and groom glued within. It appeared someone had just shaken the globe and yet, as far as Maud could see the foyer was empty.

Little Blue Planet by Shaun Duke

“Bipedal. Stage four intelligence. Feeds show a high probability of self-destruction. Heavy focus on weaponry. I’d estimate a requirement of one million ground troops or a forty-eight hour aerial bombardment. Sixty-percent chance of failure for clean sweep. Bombardment would decimate fifty-percent of available resources.”

Kaleidoscopic Vision by Abha Iyengar

Mithuna saw the god, resplendent and blue, throwing his golden light. It was like sunshine in the frosty cold surrounds. Shiva heated up the place with his presence, more so because he was angry now. Mithuna began to smile, his lips bleeding and dry, the skin like cracked badam shells.

Night Terrors by Samuel Mae

Never have I plumbed depths so vulgar as I did that night on the dark streets of Istanbul, a young man in search of meaning but lacking wit. I found myself in an alley that smelled of dung and spice and ochre, at the behest of a woman with no face but every expression….

How We Left The Desert by R.J. Astruc

It was obvious to me at once that the statues had moved. On our arrival I had observed that most had fallen from their plinths, their extremities shattered; now all were upright and in position, their heads intact, their surfaces unstained, their sightless stone eyes gazing solemnly down the central aisle.

And The Thirteenth Stranger, poetry by Kristine Ong Muslim

a pretty little thing, not even supposed to exist in four dimensions….

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